Cheryl Yestewa Mintabie Australian Opal Bead Necklace with 18k Gold Disc and Sugilite Gel Centerpiece

Artist: Cheryl M. Yestewa

Origin: Hopi / Navajo

Description: Contemporary Jewelry

Materials: Mintabie Australian Opal, 18k Gold, Sugilite Gel

Size: 25-1/4″

Signature: CMY

Note: Purchased directly from the artist; the necklace has never been worn or displayed.

Price: Upon Request

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Cheryl M. Yestewa was born on the Hopi Reservation at Keams Canyon, Arizona, on May 20, 1958, and Passed Away on February 1, 2019. Her father is Hopi, Carroll Yestewa of Old Oraibi, and her mother is Navajo, Mabel Begay, from Lower Greasewood, south of Ganado. Cheryl is a self-taught artist. All of her jewelry is handmade, using the highest quality materials.

This featured necklace is made with Mintabie Australian Opal, Sugilite Gel (Deep Grape Jelly Purple), and 18K Gold. Her style is simple, elegant, and transcending. This necklace was purchased by a collector directly from the artist; the necklace was never worn or displayed.

Cheryl M. Yestewa’s jewelry can be seen in the permanent collections of the National Museum of the American Indian and the Heard Museum. Her work is also featured in Fine Native American Art publications.

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